Prefer Not to Buy Real Estate Sight Unseen?

Schedule a commercial property inspection in the Simi Valley & Thousand Oaks, CA area

The stakes are high when you're investing in commercial real estate. If you want to be properly informed, don't skip the commercial property inspection. Golden Scope of Simi Valley, CA can provide you with a detailed report to help protect you from a bad investment.

A commercial inspection includes an assessment of a property's major systems, from the foundation to the roof. This includes the roof, attic, electrical, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), plumbing, exterior, interior, grounds, and foundation. This also includes referrals for potential mold-like substances (mold inspectors) and potential pest-related wood deterioration (termite inspectors). The resident inspectors at Golden Scope will take hundreds of photos and write detailed descriptions covering all the major components of the property you're considering buying.

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